Lemonade Diet
Lead Healthy Life with Lemonade Diet

People are spending lot of money to clean the harmful toxins and unburned fats accumulated in their body. Lemonade diet, actually a part of master cleanse program devised by great dietitian Stanley Burroughs in 1941 has stood the test of time and has helped thousands all over the world in cleaning their body systems.

The master cleanse diet program consists of 5 different portions, the first is ease in and the second is the lemonade diet; during this portion of master cleanse program, you will be only on nutrients and energy supplied by lemon juice, maple juice and organic cayenne. This stage is synonymous with the master cleanse program and the entire program is known just by this name. This is by far the simplest and inexpensive way of cleansing and healing that is effective. This is a liquid mono diet that complements the natural cleansing and detoxifying process of the body. At the same time, it will supply the required nourishment for the body parts to function without any special effort. This is not strictly “fasting”, where one puts the body to starve to lose weight quickly. In this you will get all the required nourishment and there are absolutely no risks involved. Usual period of master cleansing program is 10 days but it can be extended to any number of days as per the wish of the person involved and that too without any side effects.

Lemonade Diet Recipe

The master cleanser program is time tested and it has been in practice for more than 50 years. It is perhaps the most delicious way to lose weight. There will be a feeling of warmth and goodness after undergoing this program. Your body will be cleansed of most of the ailments. The major ingredients for the lemonade diet recipe are- first you have to cut a lemon into two and crush one half to draw two table spoons of lemon juice, collect two table spoons of rich maple syrup, one tenth of a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper and two cups of pure water. To prepare the syrup, take an empty cup and pour the extracted lemon juice into it. Add the rich maple juice and the cayenne pepper; mix it well and drink it immediately after adding water to it. You can take it up to two times in a day and do not take more. One should drink as much water as possible and remember that the water taken is the purest possible. More the water, cleaning and flushing of the toxins will be effective and quick.

Cleansing and Healing Qualities of the Lemonade Diet

There will be an overall improvement in the personal health after one undergoes master cleansing program. There will be a general increase in the energy levels and you will feel it. It will balance the PH value in the body. You will definitely lose some weight and there will be a reduction in swellings and pain if any. It has the ability to alleviate the allergy and it will flush the colon of all impurities and harmful toxins. There will be an improved glow in the skin and it will stimulate the hair growth. Most of the parasites in the body will be ridden.
Cleansing program should be customized for every individual as the life style and living environment are totally different. If longevity of usage is an indication of the success of a weight loss program, then this sixty year old process created by Stanley Burroughs in 1941, a great dietitian of his times, is still followed by thousands. Many celebrities and health advisors recommend the greatness of this diet and its ability to eliminate all kinds of harmful toxins and unnecessary congestions. It will clean the kidney and digestive system perfectly. All those hardened materials and wastes deposited in the colon will be cleared. There will be an overall rejuvenation after undergoing lemonade detox diet.

Lemonade Cleanse Diet

The drug addicts and alcoholics will find their craving reduced considerably after undergoing lemonade cleanse diet. It will cleanse the body system of the ill effects of not only drugs and alcohol but also that of tobacco, junk food and it can even cure some of the chronic ailments. We cannot avoid the accumulation of toxins in our body especially in the environment we live today. Our body gets assaulted by the use of junk foods; we take lot of prescription drugs for immediate relief from some ailments and unwanted toxins enter the body through their continuous use. Our atmosphere is filled with poisonous gases due to industrial and vehicular pollution and we breathe that air. The chemical in our food due to the use of pesticides enters our body and gets deposited as toxins. Tinned and canned food will have preservatives added to them and sometimes we have to depend on them. The general metabolism of the body has come down due to lack of workouts and unburned fats get accumulated in our body and turn us obese. Our digestive tracts get assaulted by these toxins and they remain there for long time and wasted, get hardened there leading to serious consequences. Master cleanse program can revive the body to its original stature, if it is done regularly.

Lemonade Diet Reviews

Some of the lemonade diet reviews by the celebrities endorse the master cleanse program. Famous actress Beyonce Knowles declared in Oprah Winfrey show that there was a drop of 20 pounds in her weight after undergoing this program for acting the role in her hit movie “Dream Girls”. Actor Jared Leto had to decrease his weight for portraying the role of Mark David Chapman and he lost that extra weight by undergoing master cleanse. There are many other positive reviews on this time tested program and all of them equivocally advise others to undergo this time tested way of cleaning the body of its accumulated toxins.
Thousands of people all over the world have got benefited by this program and regained their health. Lemonade diet with its all natural ingredients has helped many to get relieved from digestive and colon problems, allergies; many could control cholesterol and thus escaped from killer diseases like heart attack. Those who had signs of diabetes got reversed after undergoing this program regularly. For getting the best out of your master cleansing program click the following link and you will get your master cleanse kit at discounted prices. Do not fall into the trap of unscrupulous elements to get your systems cleaned and click the link for the cheapest yet effective method to lose weight and to get rid of harmful toxins.